• Anama was established in order to bring a new message to the tourist industry in Israel, in the field of marketing and promotion.

    This is the first website of its kind in Israel, addressing the managers and owners of tourist resorts, not their customers. Our customers are the managers of tourist attractions, hotels, rural accommodation, restaurants, wineries, museums, visitors' centers, mineral baths and health spas, event-halls and other tourist locations, who strive to become leaders in this field.

    Business success in the tourist industry cannot be taken for granted. In order to create it there must be intensive action, and creative utilization of professional tools from the world of branding, marketing and sales promotion. Success in this industry requires a fundamental change in the viewpoint of the business and how it functions, so that it can take its appropriate leading place among its agents, competitors and particularly its potential customers.

    Our Goals

    • To assist tourist organizations to realize their capabilities and to create a unique and leading place for themselves in the market.
    • To create for our customers a new reality – an abundance of customers while maintaining professionalism and quality.
    • To impart organizational and operational excellence.

    We Offer You

    • Vast experience, sales orientation, connections within the tourist industry.
    • Representativeness, good human relations and high ability to create business and inter-personal relations.
    • Providing service on the highest standard.

    What we Can Do for our Customers

    • Proven ability to maximize profits.
    • Intensive field-work vis-à-vis travel agents, workers' committees, foreign youth delegations, educational entities, direct customers and specific sectors.
    • Marketing, branding and sales activity on an ongoing basis.
    • Project management capability - from concept formulation to full realization.

    Our Tool-Kit Contains the Following, Especially for You:

    • Construction of concept and content for fun days, outings, social consolidation events, production of recreational activities, conventions, social events, field activities (outdoor and indoor workshops) – all in order to provide professional service for your customers.
    • Training and consultation
    • Development of winning products
    • Branding
    • Reinforcing service awareness


    Anama invites you to take responsibility for the tourist business game and to recreate its rules, so as to lead your business to success. Anama is the key to the connection between the leading Israeli tourist resorts and their customers.


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